Thrift vape reveals the truth about e-cigarettes. Don’t be fooled into believing that e-cigarettes are just as bad as the real thing.

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It’s a conspiracy!

Think about it. A new product comes along that is safer, cheaper, and just plain cooler than regular cigarettes. Of course the big tobacco companies will lobby to shut down the e-cigarette industry. Their monopoly is being threatened.

I repeat, pound for pound, E-Cigarettes are CHEAPER! In fact, one cartridge is the equivalent to one pack of regular smokes. When you do the math, you’ll end up paying only $1 “per pack.”

Don’t believe all the negative hype. If one does the proper research, it’s easy to see that E-Cigarettes, while not completely healthy, are at least a healthier alternative to tobacco based cigarettes.

Hmm. No Tar. No Tobacco. No smoke so you can smoke anywhere! And it’s cheaper! Isn’t it worth a try?

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