What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, e-cigs or personal vaporizers are devices originally created by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik as his father is dying from lung cancer at the time. Electronic cigarettes are designed to give the users the experience of smoking an actual cigarette by inhaling a combination of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized mixtures. Their functions mimic the real tobacco cigarettes. However, you may find that some of the designs are strange such as ballpoint pens.

Electronic cigarettes are marketed heavily as an alternative to the normal tobacco cigarettes, cigars as well as smoking pipes. They are able to provide that same physical feeling that is felt when smoking a regular cigarette. One thing that electronic cigarettes cannot provide is the flavor of a real cigarette.

Before ordering any electronic cigarettes, it is crucial that you do your research first. Not every brand is suitable for you, so it is only prudent that you understand the characteristics of each brand to avoid disappointments.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Every electronic cigarettes consists of two or three parts depending on the model:

a) Atomizer;

b) Cartridge; and

c) Rechargeable battery.

Some manufacturers combined the atomizer and the cartridge for easy refill.

Whenever you inhales, the atomizer acts as a heating element inside the electronic cigarette that vaporizes the flavored nicotine or water mixtures.Â

The flavored liquid mixtures are stored in the cartridge of the electronic cigarettes. It consists of water or nicotine solution or any possible combinations. One cartridge is almost equal to one or two packs of regular cigarettes. Similar like regular cigarettes, their nicotine levels also vary depending on the nicotine strengths. They can be high, low, or medium strengths. Another interesting thing about the cartridge is that it comes in varieties of flavors-it can be tobacco flavor, menthol, vanilla, chocolate as well as fruit flavors.

The last part of electronic cigarettes is the rechargeable battery which powers the electronic cigarettes. Another notable feature of electronic cigarettes us the LED (‘light emitting diode’) at the tip. The LED will light up when you inhale, giving you the appearance of inhaling a regular cigarette. It is a way to tell if the device is functional.

There are basically two types of electronic cigarettes- automatic and manual. You can find that the automatic version has a built-in sensor that automatically delivers the vapor every time you inhale. For manual version, you need to push a button to activate the heating element.

Feature of Electronic Cigarette That Makes It Popular

So many people find it hard to quit smoking mainly because of two reasons- physical and psychological. By using electronic cigarettes, you are working on the physical aspect of smoking addiction. These electronic cigarettes help you to reduce the intake of thousands of dangerous chemicals that tobacco merchandizes let out.

Electronic cigarettes produce water vapor using combinations that are found in so many daily consumables. As mentioned earlier, for smokers who crave for the smell of tobacco, they can choose the flavors and levels of nicotine in the vapor mixture. There are also nicotine free mixtures if you want them.

Aside from that, electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke or smell. This actually give you a positive social impact as your friends and family members will no longer have to tolerate the invasive smell of chimneys or bad breath that comes from smoking. Not to mention that they will no longer be subject to the harmful effects from second hand smokes.

Your appearance will also improve markedly as your teeth will no longer look stained.

Who Uses Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are ideal for smokers who are struggling with the physical side of the smoking addictions. For these smokers, they can now enjoy the flavor and the sensation of smoking but minus the negative effects of inhaling thousands of deadly chemicals traditionally found in the regular cigarettes.

Another reason people choose to use electronic cigarettes is the freedom to vape whenever they want in social settings. Most people frown on you if you light a cigarette in a restaurant or office. However, with electronic cigarettes, you face no such restrictions as they do not give out any smoke.

Do Electronic Cigarette Users Actually Like Them?

There are many raving fans for electronic cigarettes. The feedback seems to be that once you have tried the brand and flavor that you liked, you will never return to regular cigarettes again. Users are drawn to certain designs, overall appearance and styling. For beginners, it is recommended to try out the two piece designs first and the three pieces will need some regular maintenance and this will take some learning curve. Overall, most people like the electronic cigarettes that resembles the feeling of a regular cigarette.

Another important factor is the quantity of vapor produced. Generally, users like those that give off higher amount of vapor as compared to those that give off little. It may be the fact that users like to relive the experience of smoking a real cigarette as close as possible.

Flavors are also another important feature to consider. However, this is a personal choice as to which one to try out first. To help you decide on which on to try out on your first electronic cigarette, I have put out reviews for three popular electronic cigarettes brand.