Finally Quit Smoking Using The Electric Cigarette

Qe all know that smoking tobacco cigarette will seriously harm your health in the years to come. tattoo-girl-smokingThe first signs of the side effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes is the smokers cough which many smokers are experiencing that as we speak. Smokers are looking for a better way to smoke without all the negative health issues. All new Smokeless cigarettes nicotine are helping smokers live a life clean and free of tobacco cigarettes.

There do many similarities and differences between tobacco cigarettes and Electric cigarette. Tobacco cigarette burn tobacco in order to receive the nicotine hit that cigarettes do known for. There are so many harmful chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes not to mention carcinogens, tar and other types of poisons that cause serious issues to the lungs of the smoker. The E-cigs look, taste, and feel just like a traditional cigarette but do different in many ways.

E Cigarettes

For instance, the Smokeless cigarettes nicotine look exactly like a traditional cigarette but they do not burn tobacco, instead they are battery operated. These are some of the reasons why some kinfolk refer to them as an electric cigarette. There do two main parts to E Cigarettes and they do the electronic cigarettes refill cartridge which holds the liquid nicotine and a built in atomizer and the battery. The battery looks like the white stem of a traditional cigarette and the refill cartridge looks like the tan part of the cigarette or the filter that the smoker puffs on.

The battery sends a charge of electricity to the atomizer which then turns the liquid nicotine into water vapor when the smoker puffs on the electronic cigarette refills. This is the best advantage of the electronic cigarette because the smoker gets the nicotine hit through water vapor and not tobacco smoke.

Why is it that smokers have such a difficult time kicking the habit? It will be because the nicotine urges are too overwhelming and they just have to have a nicotine hit. This is tools the electronic cigarettes will benefit smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes because the smoker can just pull out the electric cigarette anywhere and satisfy their cravings without building to worry in regard to all the chemicals that they would get with a traditional cigarette.

Electric cigarettes are providing smokers with a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are people who are stubborn and think Smokeless cigarettes nicotine are not like the real thing. All it takes is for the smoker to use these e-cigs one time for them to see how awesome these Electric cigarette really do.