How To Stop Smoking With E Cigarettes

Since there have been many devices that were created to help smokers stop smoking tobacco , you can ask many smokers if they were able to quit and then ask if they still haven’t had a tobacco cigarette. There are many ways to quit smoking but not all of them do what they are supposed to do and help smokers stop smoking. That was then and this is now.

Electric Cigarette

Most smokers are finding out that there are new ways to quit smoking but one of the most creative and safest ways to stop smoking is buy using these new E cigarettes. In case you didn’t hear about these E cigarettes yet, here is how they work. The E cigarettes or electronic cigarette is battery powered and when the smoker uses them, the electronic cigarette gives off nicotine water vapor rather than smoke. This is a huge benefit because the smoker will get the nicotine hit without having to inhale any of the deadly chemicals and carcinogens that they would get smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Most smokers have trouble quitting for good because of the nicotine cravings. 9 times out of 10 smokers lose the battle to quit because the nicotine urges are so great that they just have to light up. This is how the E cigarettes can help you stop smoking. These E cigarettes have different levels of nicotine cartridges which you can choose from and they range from the strongest amount of nicotine at 16mg all the way down to 0mg nicotine cartridges. Most smokers start off with 16mg and then slowly work their way down to the 0mg nicotine cartridges until they are nicotine free for good. This is how to stop smoking with E cigarettes. You can literally still smoke, get the nicotine hit when you find those nicotine urges are taking over, but at the same time you are slowly weaning yourself away from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Many people like myself has used the electronic cigarette so that we could stop smoking tobacco. I didn’t have the intentions to quit smoking but I wanted to do it in a healthier way and now I am realizing that I have been tobacco free for 6 months now and counting. I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes anymore and can’t believe I was a smoker for over 10 years. This is how to stop smoking using E cigarettes that is also a true story.