Non Nicotine Electronic Cigarette

So you’ve made up your mind to finally go for nicotine free e cigs! Bravo.

Non nicotine e cigs act like a road to salvation from the nicotine or tobacco smoking. It is a good option for those who wish to smoke just for the pleasure part associated with smoking rather taking in the nicotine inside the body. Though we must add that for some it will be an easy task but for other it can be a real difficult decision. At times you just might have to give yourself a month to get rid of this habit as it won’t be easy to put down all the craving.

Non nicotine e cigs, just like the nicotine ones, are available in different flavors and are being offered in different lucrative packaging. For those trying it for the first we must add that though it will give you the same old sensation of holding a cig and smoking but the throat hit might be little less and few might face the nicotine withdrawal problems in beginning. But then it again varies from person to person. Through this webpage one can have the details of the different designs and flavors being offered by several popular brands in the non- nicotine category.

To start with, we can talk about the few flavors being provided by Blu Cigs. They are offering cherry crush pack which has no nicotine in it. It is like a cherry burst with a tangy flavor and some sweetened taste added on to it. Green Smoke is also offering nicotine free e cigs. All their cartridges flavors are available in 0% nicotine strength. Then white cloud and EverSmoke are the other options. For that matter almost all the popular brands are offering e cigs in which the nicotine level can be reduced to 0% or can be bought down slowly and gradually depending upon the will power of the person.

Then another brand which has on offer the entire range of non- nicotine e cigs is prime vapor. It is offering a non- nicotine sampler with zero nicotine level and has five flavored cartridges on offer which further include rawhide red, triple mint, Nickel lights, morning blend, and Freeport. The cartridges are made from 100% vegetable glycerin. Now this sampler has flavored cartridges only and to use it one would have to buy a starter kit or if you already have an e cig then at least a battery to use this non nicotine base product. Next offering by prime flavor in the same category is non – nicotine starter kit that has five flavored cartridges which has further the flavors available in two choices and one USB battery to operate the thing. One can also explore the Tiramisu e cig flavor pack which is again a non- nicotine e cig by prime flavor.

If you are looking for someone who could provide you with e liquid choices without nicotine then the top four choices of suppliers that are available to you are Halo, totally wicked e liquid, Volcano, Heather’s Heavenly vapes.