Ever since electronic cigarettes have come on the market many people have thought that they might make a great way to stop smoking. There has been a lot of debate over its effectiveness but many people claim to have had success with this method as opposed to using either the nicotine gum or patches. There are a few different reasons that many of these people cite.

The main one is that many smokers “crave” the feeling and sensation of smoking more than anything else-this is really how habits work. The physical act of smoking is what many people deeply associate with the high that they get whilst smoking. This of course is one of the main reasons why people have so much trouble quitting smoking. The patches and gum may give them the buzz they are looking for but it doesn’t do anything to help them deal with the want to physically smoke.

This is where the electronic “quit smoking cigarette” comes in. You can still have the experience of smoking but you can slowly limit the amount of nicotine you receive from each puff by buying cartridges or liquid-depending on brand- of different strengths. The idea is to slowly ween yourself off of the nicotine until you no longer really feel like you need.

Many people have contended that this sounds very good in theory but doesn’t actually work this way. Many people have successfully quit smoking this way however. What it really comes down to in the end is finding the best way to quit smoking for you. Not everyone is the same and we shouldn’t expect them all to be able to quit smoking in the same way. Therefor, if you feel an electronic cigarette will help you quit then you should definitely give it a try.

If nothing else you will discover a new way to smoke that doesn’t do nearly the damage to your health and your wallet that traditional cigarettes do.