Where To Get A Cheap Electronic Cigarette

So you decide to make the switch to smokeless cigarettes, but you don’t know the best place to buy cheap electronic cigarettes. That’s okay, because you actually have a few options to choose from. Like anything else, some companies make a good product at a cheap price; the trick is avoiding the cheap knock-offs that break right away! Luckily, we’ve already done the testing! You can find our top recommended Budget electronic cigarettes below.

Cheap Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

V2 Cigs offers a really cheap “express” electronic cigarette starter kit. You can get the one piece kit which costs only $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING. This kit includes a V2 electronic cigarette, charger and one flavor cartridge. The nice thing about this kit is you can try a quality smokeless cigarette at a cheap price and if you like it you can continue using it – just buy more flavor cartridges. I recommend getting the $49.95 Economy Kit though so you have more cartridges to test and you can charge the battery easier with the wall charger. Either way, V2 is the most popular electronic cigarette for a reason – it works great and they have awesome prices.

The Cheapest I’ve Ever Seen: Gosmokefree.co.uk. This company specializes in selling electronic cigarette batteries that are compatible with most e-Cigs made today. They also sell Starter Kit for only £8.99!

This isn’t just some piece of junk either! At gosmokefree.co.uk they say “Value. Not Hype.” and that’s exactly what they are offering here. The battery that comes with this starter kit is top quality and you get two tobacco flavored cartridges and a charger. If you want to get more cartridges, you can order from any of the brands listed as compatible on the gosmokefree.co.uk website – which is nice because you can shop around for prices on cartridges too.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

If your looking to buy a cheap electronic cigarette because your not sure if your going to like it or not, you actually have a few options. Some e-cigarette companies sell disposable electronic cigarettes so you can try them out before you decide to purchase a starter kit.

The Luci Disposable Electronic Cigarette costs $8.99 and comes with free shipping. This disposable e-cig is equal to smoking at least one pack of traditional cigarettes. Using this is a quick and easy way to decide whether or not you like smoking electronic cigarettes and is a much cheaper alternative than purchasing a starter kit right off the bat.

To get to the Luci Disposable Electronic Cigarette simply click on the link and on their website go to “Accessories” and you will see it.

Electronic Cigarette Discount Codes

Green Smoke has top of the line products and is known for having awesome e-liquid flavors. They also are fairly expensive compared to some of the other companies, but we have exclusive discount codes that can save you money today!

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If your looking to get a cheap electronic cigarette from Luci and you don’t want to use their Luci Disposable Electronic Cigarette you can get $5 off the purchase of a starter kit by using the promo code: search online for promo–

So there you have it, we have covered a few different ways you can acquire a cheap electronic cigarette. It’s important to remember that you want to spend little money but get a quality e-cigarette. There’s no point in buying a cheap electronic cigarette that is only going to last a few months. All of the products listed above are quality and most come with a 30 day money back guarantee and or a one year warranty. I sincerely hope you find the cheap electronic cigarette that is right for you!